Elsewhere & Otherwise

Perhaps it was that relief that let us sleep, for the next thing I knew something else had caused my eyes to open, and I saw shadows crawling across the patch of light cast through the thin curtains by the streetlights outside. The room was sketched in a murky grey-orange, but most of it was still black – a black so dense that it seemed to swarm. Perhaps that wasn’t entirely an illusion though, for I could hear something moving within the room. It hardly seemed possible for the noise to be in here with us, for the only thing I could relate it to was the creaking of tree branches in the wind, and indeed that’s what the shadows in the patch of light brought to mind. But when I looked up at the window, there was no tree outside, and the sounds were too close, and somehow too furtive. It was almost the noise of an animal scurrying about in the dark, something trying to stay hidden.

A brand new collection of stories and interludes from Joseph Freeman.

In these pages you will find something stalking the guests of an autumnal shooting-party in the Scottish Highlands. A churchyard where the dead cannot rest, and cursed country lanes. Strange forces walk the streets of towns drained of hope, and of life. A wonderful gift that might also be the greatest curse is to be found at the heart of an enchanted forest. Wishes are fulfilled at a terrible cost. An unexpected guest at a music recital changes the lives of two lonely people. An ancient evil waits amidst the shelves of forgotten treasures in a labyrinthine antique store. A remote French farmhouse offers sanctuary for two stranded motorists on a night they will ever afterwards wish to forget. And sometimes there is no greater horror than the loss of love.

Woven throughout these stories are glimpses of more… the eternal, the fantastic, the seductive, and the unforgettable. The Elsewhere & Otherwise.



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First edition trade paperback £10                             
Published 31st October 2018                             
ISBN 978-0957034846                             
Castringham Hall                             

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