Joseph Freeman’s is a life lived amongst ghosts; both fictional and otherwise. His ancestors had various castles and mansions in Ireland – most of which were haunted and most of which were sold off before he had a chance of inheriting any. His own parents told him tales of ancestral banshees.

A childhood interest in the gruesome and the ghoulish developed into a lifelong passion for horror, and after having dozens of short stories published in magazines and anthologies both in the UK and USA, his first book, 'Love Stories of the Undead' was published to great acclaim and popularity when he was still a teenager.

Much of his work is based upon his own experiences of, and research into, the supernatural. He has investigated numerous cases and locations worldwide, including at the site of the infamous Borley Rectory and around Pendle Hill in Lancashire. In his own words: "I have neither the time nor the temperament to convince people that ghosts exist. All I will say is that I've seen enough over the years to convince me that they exist."

In his writing, Freeman concentrates upon a vivid atmosphere, rising tension and glimpses of visionary terrors. He is highly praised for his use of subtlety, psychological techniques and mood to create an unsettling atmosphere.

In addition to the written word, Freeman has also been exhibiting his photography since 2005. This is largely based around landscapes, coastal scenes and skylines: concentrating on atmosphere, and a mystical beauty that reveals more about the world than may first be apparent but which surrounds us at all times. It is no coincidence that much of his work features magical, haunted or otherwise legendary locations. His artwork has appeared on book covers, magazines and websites for some years. Some of his best photography was collected in the book 'The Last Light of Day'.

Alongside the supernatural, his areas of interest and expertise are many and varied; and he also writes and advises on matters such as fitness and exercise, psychology, self-improvement, and style.

In recent years, Freeman has organised a highly popular series of regular live and online horror reading events, featuring performances from both newcomers and legendary practitioners in the field.

His latest book is 'Elsewhere & Otherwise', released in October 2018. More events, and new fiction, are forthcoming.

Joseph Freeman lives in a centuries-old farmhouse in rural Suffolk, where stranded travellers are always welcome after dark... especially the pretty ones.




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