With thanks to my very patient readers, and those precious few who've expressed an interest I can say this - there will be news on a new Joseph Freeman book soon. Keep watching... 


2017 marks my 25th year of being a published writer.

If that surprises you, spare a thought for my feelings. I have a hard enough time believing Iím older than that. The realisation came as an utter surprise to me. For days I kept thinking Iíd made a mistake, and sooner or later somebody would point out the truth. But the more congratulations (not to mention stunned looks) I received, the more I grew to accept it. And then I realised there was no way I could let this occasion go by without some kind of celebration.

So here I am. Iím back with a new website, which will gradually take shape over the coming months (so keep on checking back, as more is added and improved), and Iím also at work on some new short stories Ė ideas which have been growing in the dark corners of my mind for quite some time now, yearning for release. Iím also hoping to do some events later in the year, making appearances and presenting my work to you in one of the ways Iíve always liked best Ė through giving live readings and meeting up with friends and fans.

In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with me, through any of the arcane riuals assigned on my contact page. I'm out there... and I'm listening...

I thank you for these 25 years. I thank you for your ongoing interest and for your support.

Hereís to the next 25 years.







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