Along The Corridors

Of course what happened needn't mean he would be trapped in the flat forever, he tried to tell himself. When he felt better, stronger, over whatever ridiculous state he'd fallen into. He knew what had triggered it off, of course, if he allowed himself to think about it. He'd remembered something that he'd tried for years to forget, and then shut himself in the darkness with it, and the laughter of children...

Along The Corridors - He had always got through the fears of the night before, and this night would be no different... And so begins another night of mental torture for Ratchett: the sad, lonely old man who lives alone following the death of his wife. Tormented by local kids and a miserable life by day, and haunted by the noises and memories of his apartment by night, the old man waits as those walls begin closing in on his hate-filled life.

The Waiting Room - A red door with peeling paint. An overhead light full of dead flies. That cold, damp feeling in the air. A small room on a lonely platform in the middle of nowhere. The Waiting Room. A lone passenger waits for his connection and dreams of a warm bed. But with the dark clouds come dark thoughts... and darker spirits. A fifteen minute wait that will feel like hours as the odours, the sound of footsteps and those dark shapes against the frosted glass twist his senses, and his very soul.

Master storyteller Joseph Freeman brings you two disturbing new tales of things that happen when the sun goes down...

18th September 2009
Ghostwriter Publications



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