2008 was another full and rewarding year for Joseph Freeman, and wonderfully commemorated when in March of the following year he received the award for 'Best Author of 2008' in The Dead Of Night Awards, hosted by British Fantasy Award-nominated publishers Screaming Dreams.

Freeman was very pleasantly surprised to win, and proud to accept. 2008 had seen his first two books - 'The Last Light Of Day' and 'This Is My Blood' published in over four years, and it was good to arrive back on the scene with such a bang!

'This Is My Blood', released in October in 2008 was a large collection of the best of Freeman's short stories over the past decade, featuring work from his previous books and a great deal of uncollected and even unpublished stories. Released to healthy sales and high acclaim, it was a fine statement of intent on his return to the horror arena.

'I'm really pleased that so many people have voted, and more importantly are enjoying what I'm doing,' he said shortly after the result. 'My work is more important to me than ever before, and there's a great deal more of it to come!'

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