The Cold Heart of Summer

The tears turned cold on her face as she turned back towards the sea to look at starlight, at the black mass where the moon should have been. It was there again, but it looked pale and somehow dead. She’d missed its light but now it wasn’t what was illuminating the night. Terror redoubled its grip on her heart, squeezed it in a fist that seemed intent on driving the life out of her only after it had wrung out every bit of fear that it could. The return of the light meant that whatever they had done was only just beginning.

A long time ago in the forests around Blackwood, witchcraft cults practised orgiastic rituals designed to draw something terrible out of the infinitely cold depths of outer space.

Now in the present day, the secret that has lay buried since those times is about to unearth itself in unthinkable ways. Mythical creatures roam the streets after dark, nature gives birth to nightmares, abandoned places are not as empty as they should be, trees in the woods form unnatural shapes, and even the graveyard is no longer a place of rest...

As the time of the full moon approaches, its silvered light illuminates scenes best hidden, and its power is reaching out to more than just the tides at this previously quiet coastal town; it is reaching deep into the people, and deep into the land itself, to draw forth something that will change the world forever.

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The Cold Heart of Summer by Joseph Freeman 

First edition trade paperback £12.99                   
Published 1st June 2013                   
ISBN 978-0957034877                  
Castringham Hall.                   


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