The Final Picture

At first there was only darkness, then a smell so musty and overpowering that it was like being buried. Even the daylight was too weak to follow him across the threshold. Both the smell and his unease held him immobile, but then the light-bulb flickered and afforded him a glimpse of the starved and hungry-looking creature that was waiting for him, arms without hands raised above its head...

After the latest in a string of unsuccessful job interviews, all Brannigan wants to do is get home to his wife. Waylaid in a dismal rural town, he chances across a mysterious and run-down art gallery and makes the mistake of thinking it will provide a harmless way to kill some time. What he finds within are nightmares beyond imagining, images that should never have been recorded. Followed from room to room by something he dare not turn and face, he ventures deeper into the black and rotten heart of the gallery, to face the horror of The Final Picture. Never seeing his wife again may become the least of his fears. 

The second edition of this book also features the tale 'The Cold Heart Of Summer', a haunting and dreamlike look at a world that is becoming less and less familiar, and which uses some of the situations and themes from Joseph Freeman's forthcoming novel of the same name.


First published 25th July 2009
by Ghostwriter Publications



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