The Lost and The Lonely

Whatever was behind him was playing some wicked game of cat-and-mouse. It could easily overtake him; it had only to reach out whatever it possessed in the way of limbs and it could have touched him. He wondered if it would duck back into the deeper darkness if he turned to look at it, or if it would show him what it had in way of a face. If it could breathe, would he have felt it on the back of his neck? If any of these things  happened, would he still be able to keep his silence? He had to, he realised, for it was only that which was holding it at bay, and he didn't dare to imagine what it might do to try and make him scream...

Thirty years ago, five children were preyed upon by a monster - a man who was charged with the duty of looking after them, of protecting the innocence that he instead corrupted and used to his own dark purposes.

But now he is long gone, or is he?

As an icy winter falls upon the country, the adults that these children have grown into become increasingly haunted by their unfortunate legacy, by the horrors that their past has left them with, and by glimpses of something else - something that seems to be finding its way out of the past and into their present. Something that wants revenge, and will stop at nothing to finish what it started all those years ago.

The Lost and The Lonely' paperback launch party 

Sue Phillips interviews Joseph Freeman (July 2011)

Joseph Freeman's 'The Lost and The Lonely' book launch


Trade paperback edition 12.99                    
Published 31st October 2011                    
ISBN 978-0-9570348-1-5                    
Castringham Hall.                    


Limited edition hardback 25                    
Published 25th March 2011                    
Castringham Hall.                    



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