Anyone who wants more of me (perfectly understandable) will be pleased to hear I'm doing a reading of my award-winning festive tale 'Ready or Not' on Christmas Eve, here. My gift to you. That's all you're getting, so be grateful. Seasons greetings one and all! Stay warm, well, and thankful.

This year's 'Winter Tales' is available to view now. Enjoy our company here.

As summer fades into sweet memory, and autumn reaches out to us with its chilly caress, I'm really excited to share details of this year's 'Winter Tales' event. Saturday December 4th, open up a bo
ttle of something nice and settle down by the fireside with me, Stephen Gallagher, Stephen Laws, Nicholas Royle, and Catriona Ward. An amazing lineup I'm sure you'll agree. It's going to be a memorable day, and we're looking forward to having you with us. Watch the trailer here.

This year's 'Midsummer Macabre' is online now. Grab yourself a drink and come join us here.

As most of you will know, for some years now Iíve been organising a series of popular horror events Ė at first live at a venue in East Anglia, and then last year when COVID raised its infectious little head, I moved them online.

Iím currently working on this yearís two shows, and hereís the first of them.

Saturday 19th June, Iíll be joined by esteemed authors Simon Clark, Paul Finch, Alison Littlewood, Graham Masterton and Dawn G. Harris.

Weíll be sunning ourselves by the pool, downing the daiquiris, and generally doing our best to terrify you.

The event is free (no catches, and we even promise not to steal your soul). All you have to do is tune in.

See you there!

A trailer for the event can be seen here.

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