Stranger In Paradise


Joseph Freeman started writing song lyrics when he was 13, though admittedly not ones that he would deem worth preserving! From the age of 17 onwards this writing matured however, and the next 3 years saw an impressive schedule of work building up. 'When I was 17 and heart-broken, a friend and I were going to make it big as heart-throb musicians,' he says 'Though that never got beyond a load of demos I recorded on tape with me playing all the instruments and doing the lead and backing vocals myself. Our ambition to take on the world and its women faded within months, but my songwriting continued - usually whenever I was feeling unlucky in love, which was quite often! Broken hearts make great songs!'. Though his musical ambitions cooled off, Freeman has allowed various acts to perform his songs over the years, and has infrequently taken to the stage with them to perform them himself. He now only sings in the car.


A collection of song lyrics, this book appeared only as a limited edition private release.

February 2000.







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