They Come At Dusk

They’re all around us… in the loneliest parts of town and in the loneliest parts of our mind. They call out… to the broken, the lost and the loveless. They are heard of… in myth and folklore, in the uncertain whispers of the fearful. They wait… beneath the piers and beneath the moon. They hunger. And they come at dusk..

A down-on-his-luck magician plays for an audience who want to involve him in a most unpleasant Christmas tradition. A stranded traveller waits for the next train whilst out in the storm something waits for him. An angry and lonely old man faces up to the increasingly vivid ghosts of a past he has tried to bury. Two lovers explore the collapse of their relationship on a holiday in witch-haunted countryside. A hopeless jobseeker finds himself in a rural art gallery whose walls hold the last things he might ever see. A motorist heading home seeks help at an isolated farmhouse and makes the mistake of venturing into the nearby maze. A seaside town bears witness to the end of the world, or the start of a new one. A heartbroken young man becomes obsessed with seeing the face of a forgotten missing girl.

The first original collection of short fiction in almost a decade from the award-winning author of some of the most unsettling contemporary horror, ‘They Come At Dusk’ shows us glimpses of things we might never forget.

Five minutes with Joseph Freeman interview (November 2012)



They Come At Dusk cover 

Trade paperback edition £9.99                   
Published 31st October 2013                   
ISBN 978-0957034853                   
Castringham Hall                   

First edition hardback £20                   
Published 12th October 2012                   
ISBN 978-0957034822                   
Castringham Hall.                   
- Sold Out -                   



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