Those Left Behind

As he fled he caught glimpses from the corner of his eye, and his only reaction was to run faster, so fast that his straining heart was at bursting point. Glimpses of something starved beyond the point of living, as white as bone, running along beside him on all fours like an animal, yet more twisted and unnatural than any he had ever seen before. He didn't dare to look round at whatever was pursuing him, for fear he might just give up, stop running, and let whatever it was claim him.

Graymoor is a dying mining village on the bleak and lonely English moors. Nobody ever comes here except to forget their pasts and to hide from their troubles. It is a place of secrets, of loss and of memories. In the skies above the moors there are vicious storms, punishing the land with an electric fury.

Down in the souls of the villagers, there are worse storms still. Why are the villagers becoming so reclusive, so entranced with the presence of their long-lost loves? What has it to do with the sinister spectre from the village's dark and tortured past that calls itself Archangel, and tells each and every one how it owns their dead?

What price would you pay? There is only one. A price so high and so infinitely dangerous, that only the most desperate would risk everything to pay it.

Simon Bestwick interviews  Joseph Freeman - May 2010


Trade paperback edition 12.99           
Published 31st October 2011.          
ISBN 978-0-9570348-0-8           
Castringham Hall.           


Limited edition hardback 30.          
Published 30th April 2010.          
Castringham Hall.          


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