Ghosts Far From Subtle

The second collection of dark fiction. Disturbing tales of spirits that are anything but restful. Introduced by bestselling author and film-maker Peter James, who praises it as 'some of the most compelling writing in this genre that I have ever been privileged to read'.

Featuring the award-winning 'Seen But Not Heard', you will find in these pages your deepest fears and darkest fantasies. Tales of alienation, mental disintegration, woodland denizens older than light, strange portents and possessions. In this world there is fear at every turn - urban decay and what grows within it as well as in the loneliest parts of the mind, there is no safety in your own home, in the embrace of the family that is not as familiar as it should be, and even nature shows its very darkest side.

Copies of this book are selling for up to 50-60 in the used book markets, though I have a limited supply which I'll sell (signed) for 10 each. Email here.

Rainfall Books. 1st edition 25th October 2003.
ISBN 0954617819

Seen But Not Heard - an excerpt

Interview - August 2003

Interview - September 2003

Interview - October 2003





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