'Winter Tales' 2022 is now live. Come sit by the fireside with me, Lionel Fanthorpe, Stephen Laws, Lynda E. Rucker, and Steve Rasnic Tem. Join us here.


I spent much of October travelling through the Southwestern USA - California, Arizona, and Nevada - seeing and doing pretty much everything there is to see and do, making friends and memories, and celebrating my birthday. Without doubt one of the most enjoyable and memorable trips I've ever taken. Back in England now, with a full timetable ahead of me - not least the 'Cemetery Scares' and 'Winter Tales' events in coming weeks. Full details of those can all be found below.

Come and spend the evening in a cemetery with me! I'll be reading at Wisbech General Cemetery in Cambridgeshire, Saturday 19th November. Adrian Chamberlin, Benjamin Langley, Antonia Rachel Ward, and Susan York will all be performing too. Tickets are free and can be reserved via this link.

My reading of 'Redfield's Lane' from the Shropshire event can be found here.


The first weekend of December I'll be sitting by the fireside with Lionel Fanthorpe, Stephen Laws, Lynda E. Rucker, and Steve Rasnic Tem - passing round the port and telling some spooky stories. Join us free online, anytime after 1pm Saturday December 3rd. Don't make us come looking for you... You can watch a trailer for the event here.


The legendary author Guy N. Smith was one of my very best friends. I still miss his constant phone calls, and our visits to him and his lovely wife Jean in their home on the legendary Black Hill. Early September, I'll be returning to Shropshire to help out at a memorial event arranged by Guy's daughter Tara, who has become a valued friend in recent years, and is doing so much great work to keep her father's legacy alive. I'll also be reading a story that I wrote a handful of years ago for an anthology that was published in tribute to the man himself. I'm looking forward to it all. One thing's for sure - if I smell pipe smoke, I know where it'll be coming from.

This year's 'Midsummer Macabre' is now live. Put the champagne on ice, and join in the fun here.


As the days warm up and the evenings get longer, let us look forward to this year's 'Midsummer Macabre'. Join me Saturday June 25th, along with my friends Peter Atkins, Tim Lebbon, David Moody, and Alison Moore, for a couple of hours of pleasant (virtual) company and some truly unsettling tales. A trailer for the show can be seen here. And a reminder that all of the previous online shows are stil to be found on my Youtube channel.

Goodbye Meat Loaf. A true legend (much as he'd hate to be called one), and a personal friend. Gone but never to be forgotten.

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