Once I thought I heard a step on the lane behind me – a heavy, scratching step – and though I didn’t want to see, I made myself turn and look back. A handful of dry leaves crawled across the lane, but I could see nothing else. When I eventually reached the grounds of the Lodge, I felt a little better. Up ahead I could see the lights of the house through the trees. I could see moonlight shining on the surface of the pond, could hear the horses in the stables. They sounded unsettled. I hurried on down the path, and only stopped when I heard a great howl that seemed to rent the night apart and turn the very blood in my veins to ice....

November at a remote country house in Scotland, and as the autumn mists descend upon a shooting party, some of the guests learn the terrifying secret about what stalks the ancient countryside on the nights of the full moon.


'Wolveswood' was published as a chapbook available only with the second issue of 'Ethereality' magazine. As the magazine is no longer in print, you can now find the story in the collection 'Elsewhere & Otherwise'.




First edition chapbook                   
Published November 2014                   
 Ethereality magazine                   



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