'Winter Tales 2023' is now live. A festive feast of ghost and horror stories written and performed by Simon Bestwick, Joseph Freeman, Glen Hirshberg, Gary McMahon, and Lisa Morton. Join us here.


Started off the Christmas season in Bruges again, something which is becoming an annual tradition in recent years. No great hardship, as the city is always a delight - and surely one of the most atmospheric places to be at this time of year.


A great few days in London last week - not least meeting up with Arnold Schwarzenegger who was in town to promote his new book. I got my copy signed, went along to his hugely entertaining Royal Albert Hall show, and as a bonus bumped into him again the next day as we were strolling in Mayfair. As many of you know, I've spent quite a bit of time with Arnold in the past decade and he never disappoints.


October took me off across Europe to legend-soaked Transylvania, to make the most of its beautiful countryside, wildlife, traditions, castles, palaces, churches, citadels, towns and villages, food and drink, Royal residences (including that of our own King Charles), and I rounded the visit off with a few days in Bucharest – itself a smart, pleasant, and interesting city. So many wonderful experiences and memories, and I celebrated my birthday somewhere in the midst of it all.


Off to Brighton at the end of September, for the launch party of Peter James’s latest novel ‘Stop Them Dead’. We celebrated the book, and 30 years of friendship, with fish & chips and wine on the pier! While in the area, I also had a great time treasure-hunting in the antique shops, revisiting the amazing Brighton Pavilion, wining and dining, and exploring the autumnal Sussex countryside.


I'm about to head off to the lovely English Peak District to start what for me will be an incredibly full and exciting autumn. Let me leave you with this - the reveal for the upcoming 'Winter Tales' event: packed, as always, with wonderful talent and memorable storytelling. Joining me this December will be Simon Bestwick, Glen Hirshberg, Gary McMahon, and Lisa Morton. We'll see you December 2nd.


Even at the height of summer, the darkness is never far away. 'Midsummer Macabre 2023' is now live.
Join us here.


A very fond farewell to Cuba! What an amazing experience this has been. We travelled all over this stunning country through April and May; meeting and befriending the natives (including the wildlife), attended everything from ancient ceremonies to glamorous cabarets. Visited tobacco farms, coffee farms, sugar plantations, and cigar factories, underground caves and rivers, historic hotels, museums, fortresses, palaces, towers, gorgeous beaches, mountains, tropical jungles, listened to (and performed with) local musicians, and loved every minute of it.

I’m always incredibly proud to reveal the line-ups for my twice-yearly shows, and here’s the latest. Announcing this year’s ‘Midsummer Macabre’; coming June 24th, and featuring Mick Garris, Helen Grant, Peter James, Maura McHugh, and myself - with music specially written and performed by Tara Paulsson. A trailer for the event can be seen here, and all previous shows are still available to watch on my Youtube channel.


I started this year off in the beautiful Scottish Highlands – an area I always find rewarding, with its ancient castles and monuments, mist-shrouded moors and mountains, incredible wildlife and history, myths and legends, tweeds and tartans, and justly celebrated food and drink. Back to England in February to pick up my explorations there.

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